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Which would be better? Others tell me the K20 can be built good for drag, By putting a turbo and chip into it? Help please. What would be better? The K20A or the K24? Others tell me the K20 can be built good for drag, By putting a turbo and chip I am a HONDA tuner myself and yes a k24 will fit, as i agree with the other person who posted a comment if your asking this question you probably are not familiar with honda.

As the other commenter suggested a k24 with k20 from a type s head is a great combo and one of the most expensive swaps most people only swap this if their into street racing. Great to hear you're thinking of going either one of those K-series beauties. Bottom line, it's not going to matter which one you go with. The K20 is usually easier to get your hands on, but the K24 does have more torque. You will be getting your money's worth out of both engines.

Yes, almost any honda engine can go into your civic with certain adapters such as motor mounts, wiring harnesses, etc. You can turbo charge any engine, but you can never guarantee it's lasting performance unless you build it. Even then it's a toss up sometimes.

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I suggest the K20, turbocharged! You want cornering? Just upgrade your suspension correctly and the engine be it K20 or K24 won't matter. Best of luck to you. Both motors are great. The K24 is a great trq motor not much top end like the K20 but still a great motor.

2jz vs k24

People have done what they call in the industrie a franky stein motor K24 block and K20 head resulting in an amazing motor. Compare to other K20 this are under power. But worth it if you keep your car for a while. Why not just sell the civic and buy a rsx you'll end up spending way more swapping out your civic. If you are asking questions like this you are most likely not going to have the skill to swap it in or the money at least 5g's.

Swap a B or another D at least. Trending News. Hailey Bieber endorses Biden — while dad backs Trump. Ex-Obama adviser: Covid infections 'going to go up'. Trump turns power of state against his political rivals. How 'secretly in love' bandmates finally came out. The undocumented Latina leading a massive movement. Beware of appropriation posing as a costume.

Wallace grills Lara Trump for breaking debate rule. Colleges face existential crises waiting for stimulus. North Korea unveils new weapons at military parade. Answer Save.This engine family succeeded the B-series in all applications for the model year across all models in the Acura and Honda vehicle lineups. This engine design is certainly a technological step up over is predecessor.

However, iVTEC adds variable cam phasing to the intake camshaft and in some applications, the exhaust cam too. This allows the ECU to actively advance and retard the camshaft timing. The high-flowing cylinder heads feature roller bearing cam followers for smoother operation. Currently, there are a total of 25 variants of K-series engines powering nearly all of the Honda passenger car model lines. Since its release 10 years ago, the K-series has been met with mixed reception due to its limited availability and higher cost to acquire and upgrade compared to the B series.

Built examples have already eclipsed the 1, horsepower mark, proving its worth in the world of racing and high performance. When the cost of entry comes down, we expect to see more K-swapped projects on the road and the track. October 7, 0. September 17, 0. August 17, 0. WelDun1 on September 30, pm.The most ultimate and expensive part of a project car is usually the engine.

But before you build your engine, take a look at what popular swaps might suit your car. For the ultimate build, people are not just building the engines given to them with their cars; they're doing a swap and building on top of that. These days the import scene knows no bounds.

Tuners are doing swaps with engines from different chassis manufacturers and some are even going with domestic engines.

BMW N54 vs Toyota 2JZ-GTE

Here are the top 10 swaps based not just on engine performance but also on the popularity of the swap. If it were up to just engine performance it would easily be just the three biggest engines on top. Whatever you decide is the right heart transplant for your car, there's nothing like having a more powerful, high-tech engine swap. But here in the US, they only came in Integras and two different model Civics. And since the motor was available here, it made it that much easier for California residents to CARB-approve their swap.

Just the sheer number of tuners that have done this swap make it the most popular swap of all time. Realizing how easy it is to build a Honda B-series engine, other makes such as the older Lotus Elise S1 and Mini Cooper have found a way to do the Honda heart transplant.

Specs: 4-cylinder 1. Nissan offered this potent 4-cylinder in naturally-aspirated and turbo form. The motors also came as both transverse FWD and longitudinal layout RWDmaking them a candidate for so many different types of cars.

Specs: 4-cylinder 2.

Top Ten Engines | Inside The Engines That Powered An Industry

Honda K-series Honda replaced the B-series with the K-series and nobody complained. This is one of the best transverse naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder engines ever built. Incredibly engineered, it was the engine choice for makers of the Ariel Atom. Making whp with minor bolt-ons is typical for a K20A. Charles was the first person to do the swap in a Civic. Since then the K-series swap is every Honda owner's wet dream.

Unfortunately, the price of the motor and conversion isn't for everyone.You've seen half a million 6th-gen. Honda Civic hatchback builds over the years and, for the most part, many carry a similar theme and mix of upgrades. The chassis has long served as a favorite among Honda fans who admire its quaint, rounded '90s styling as much as they do its modularity with other Civic and Integra chassis.

Run down the parts list that sits just to the right of this paragraph and there's nothing inherently unfamiliar—from the K-swap to the complete respray, the TE37s and smattering of Spoon goods throughout, there's really no reason for this particular build to stand out in a field of others. But dammit, it stands out every single time it makes an appearance at a show, meet or a local track event—all of which it's attended over the past few years.

And whether it's this exact combination of parts, the color combo, or the power-to-weight estimation, even the most enraged anti-Civic activist would be willing to admit that this build goes a long way in making a case for the EJ hatch being one of the most tuner-friendly.

Typically, I'd dive into the history of the build, how the owner got started with the car and any details along the way. This time around, however, I don't have any background to provide.

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After countless attempts to get the owner or the builder to grant a little info over a 6-month period and countless email and DM attempts, we gave up, but didn't want these photos to go to waste as this is one of our favorite recent builds.

We know that this car is from the Slaughterboys Worldwide crew and that Afterhours Garage is the source, but that's the extent without getting any info from its owner. The info that I was able to dig up after some social media lurking and making notes whenever I caught the car in person proves this build cuts no corners.

Everything on or in the Civic is of high quality and carefully chosen. As you peer under the hood, or at least where the hood would be if it had one, your eyes are going to head straight for the bright yellow valve cover, but only for a moment, as the carbon fiber topped Drag Cartel ITB setup is the bay's main seller.

On the backside of the head you can trace the smooth contour of a Myers Competition header that snakes its way under the car where it meets a GReddy exhaust system with a sizeable canister to keep the inherent rasp down as much as possible. Surrounding the deep breathing set up is spotless, semi-shaved sheet metal that perfectly matches the exterior and anything deemed unnecessary is long gone to keep the look simple and tidy.

As if the tasty visuals weren't enough, the mechanical orchestra that spills out of this EJ hatchback at full throttle is the stuff of naturally aspirated dreams.

2jz vs k24

Based on the list of parts and how they interact with one another, we'd expect somewhere in the neighborhood of whp pumping through a chassis that probably tips the scales just north of 2,lbs, which, if you're using modern mathematics, carry the 1, divide by Can't Get Enough 6th Gen. No widebody extensions or massive wing structures tacked on to the rear of this build, its owner keeping with mostly factory body pieces, other than the Kevlar-trimmed Backyard Special front bumper and Spoon Sports carbon fiber hatch wing and side mirrors.

2jz vs k24

Ride height is completely subjective, but for our money, this is picture perfect—sporting minimal tire gap while remaining at a manageable height. Along with the coilover setup, an ASR rear subframe brace and sway bar combo is found in the rear and custom front lower arms are on call up front. The stripped-down interior that you expected is in fact in play here, with the car's shiny paint finish carried over into the cabin that's free of any carpet. The Spoon theme continues inside with a requisite steering wheel and shifter along with a highly sought-after gauge cluster.

Completing a '90s-era Civics interior with little more than a dash, seats and front door panels has become the norm for weekend warrior builds, but much like the real estate under this Civics hood, the attention to detail is a prime factor in the finished product.

By today's standards, this 6th gen. Civic carries most of what you'd expect from a high-level Honda build, but again, it's the level of execution that successfully separates it from the pack. From the lethal all-motor setup to the strategic combination of parts and color finishes, it stands as a point of reference for the ultimate hatch build.

Our only regret is not getting a full rundown from the car's owner and how they got the build to this point. Perhaps we can revisit in the future if he's willing, but we weren't about to let this photoshoot rot away—this car is just too good not to share with you.

Rounding up our most viewed Scion feature car stories turned out to be an all-FR-S affair. Going all motor with a Tesla crate motor that bolts into your project using small-block V-8 engine mounts. Honda Civic Hatchback. Honda Tuning features. Honda Civic Hatchback Stripped down to the bare essentials, this EJ hatch is the epitome of a well-built, modern day Civic project car.

Rodrez —. View Photo Gallery 38 Photos. No Shortcuts. The Mystery Build. Supernatural Aspiration. Power to Weight Phenom.We know, we know. The title of the site is not going to help plead our case. Regardless, we will do our best to make this an unbiased comparison. We also believe the N54 is an exciting comparison since it started the modern turbo BMW era. US versions made right around whp and wtq straight out of the factory.

Toyota Supra 2JZ VS MR2 K20 / Team 2JZ

Sounds similar to the N54 other than the yearsright? Additionally, its compression ratio is significantly lower which is preferable on boosted engines. However, the square design of the 2JZ is preferred for higher revs. The N54 clearly has a huge edge in this category.

The 2JZ and N54 both have cast pistons, however the 2JZ receives oil-spray nozzles for improved piston cooling. Finally, both engines feature forged rods and cranks. In summary of the above specs — the 2JZ is simply the stronger, beefier, and more capable engine on paper. A tune and basic bolt-ons pushed the 2JZ into the whp ballpark. We think of one of the strongest, beefiest bottom ends in a mass production vehicle.

2jz vs k24

These feats are impressive by engine standards. The Supra and 2JZ earned a legendary reputation for good reason. The 2JZ deserves respect for that reason alone, if not for its other accomplishments. The N54 was the at the forefront of this movement for BMW. Although the N54 was plagued by early issues, BMW did a solid job overall.

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Notably, the N54 excels at quick turbo spool and staggering low-end torque.The series launched in The engines stand out for friction-reducing technology and electronically controlled ignition timing.

All are four-stroke, four-cylinder engines. They are all made with short-block engines and sleeves made of cast iron. These engines replaced the previous B series.

The K24 engine from Honda is last in the K-Series. Its production years in the US ranged from to It was used by Honda as a more advanced, efficient, and powerful engine.

In fact, cars equipped with these engines can easily reach six digits on the odometer, surpassing other brands for reliability and performance. In comparison to other Honda engines, the K24 stands out for its better exhaust flow, increased air intake flow, fortified connecting rods, and an updated crankshaft with additional counterbalanced weight. The engine is made with oversize intake valves sized 1 mm and larger and a lift lobe on the intake cam with over 12 degrees of additional duration and 0.

Depending on the intake engine, the radius on select intake pipes was widened from 70 to 80 mm. Despite the fact that this engine is tough and long-lasting, it is not without problems. One main component on the engine that can fail is the timing chain sensor.

The problem started to develop when the company switched timing belts to connect the crankshafts with the camshafts. Closing the gap of the piston by bringing it closer to the chain by a single tooth is the easiest solution to the problem, but it might not be a permanent solution. Other issues with this engine include that the camshaft can wear out easily and the idle is sometimes rough.

Leaking engine oil has also been reported, which makes keeping up with regular oil changes essential to maintaining proper health of the Honda K The stock power output for the engine can reach HP. Of course, many vehicles equipped with a K24 engine stick with a naturally aspirated engine setup. Another recommendation for modification is replacing the head of the K24 with that of the K It also has higher-quality valve springs and camshafts.

Production of the K20 engine precedes that of the K Overall, the Kseries engines are simpler and less expensive to replace. The transmissions of the K20 series are better than those in the K24 family. However, Kseries engines have a larger capacity of 2.

They are easy to modify and are a great platform for enhancing sports cars, notably the Formula 3 series. The Kfamily engines are easier to modify than the Kseries and respond better to modifications.

Since the K24 engines have camshafts that lack a high lift, they are better for street racing instead of regular driving when tuned. As a whole, they are better in stock form than the K20 series when tuned.Quick picks, in-play betting, football coupons and price boosts are easy to find. Its head and shoulders above many of the others I have used. Nice layout, easy navigate and fast. Big fan of the bet365 mobile site, it actually works on a mobile devices.

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The bet365 Casino App downloads for both Android and iOS were specifically designed for smaller screens. The layout is clean and easy to navigate, which makes finding your favourite slots, table games and classic card games a piece of cake.

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Immaculate ITB, K24-Swapped 6th Gen. Honda Civic Hatchback

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